Monday, May 25, 2009


Death tears a family apart
Death breaks one's heart
Death separates lovers
Death takes all
And leaves nothing that's pleasing
Only hurt, loss and wishes
That remain unfulfilled!

Queen of my heart

My dearest of all women
The one who was there
When I came into this world
T'was so sweet to have you near
For you were as loving as love
Itself can truly be
My one and only mother
You will always be
The queen of my heart!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Happiness comes when you let it
Be not sad but enthusiastic
For this world is one big joke
and somethings might make you choke
You have a lot to live for my friend
So, please be not afraid.


With all the love I was willing to give
The wind has carried it away on its wings
My heart to ache for it's wounded
And nothing I do can get it mended.

Close call

My dreams are no fantasies
Nightmares is more like it
An evil witch grabs me
Wants to use me as bait
To capture her prey
Her nails pinch deep into my skin
I can feel them getting closer to my ribs
As she pulls me under water with her
Hiding me from the help I'd get.

I think I'm going to die
I'm in grievous pain
I find it hard to breathe
I cannot cry yet cannot die
Suddenly, she let's me go
And I survive
But I'm scared, so scared
What is this?
Why these mares, why?
I quickly bow my head in prayer.


In my heart,
You are a song I can't sing
A poem I can't recite
A script I can't complete
And a puzzle I can't seem to fix ...
You take my breath away!