Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I am NOT my hair!!

Many of us go through transformations at some point in our lives, some of us more than others. When this happens in my life, I refer to it as 'going through a transition'. Yes, I have been through it. It was in 2008 December that I decided to cut off my hair and start growing dreadlocks... some people thought me insane but then the look grew on them and now they do not want me to cut my dreads off. ;) I am powerless without the dreads & will lose my super natural strength once they are cut off. Hee hee hee heeee...
Anyway, a friend of mine recently decided to SHAVE off all his hair.... You may know him; popular guy, plays the guitar, has a soulful voice and a strong persona that you may mistake him for having a big ego but it is not bad. His name is Maurice Kirya. Some of you may say "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS HE THINKING??!!"Don't ask me, I do not know but here are my guesses:
1. Too tired of his hair and the heat was not helping the situation so he thought what better way than to shave it all off.
2. Had an outbreak of lice. (boo ha ha ha ha ha ha!)
3. Undergoing chemotherapy (doubt it!)
4. Got a big time film role and is required to be bald. (Hey, why not take the dollars, the hair will grow back anyway.)
5. Became a monk
6. A new look for his 2O12 album
7. Starting a new chapter in his life so this is his way of shedding off the past. (THIS MUST BE IT!)

Although it may take you a few seconds or a minute to recognize Maurice Kirya now, I personally like the new look and it has given him a strong masculine edge like that of Michael Jordan, Common, or Djimon Hounsou-- unlike the "too cute" Afro style he had before. Who comes to mind now when I see Maurice? Um, let me see... ..... Ah, yes! Boris Kodjoe--NOT that they look alike, don't get me wrong, but the facial features stand out the same way.
Lots of personalities have shaved off their hair at some point and still looked good; Lenny Kravitz, Brian McKnight, Tyrese, Bruce Willis... the list is endless.
So which look did you prefer? I do not mind either as long as he keeps making great music. He is not his hair and neither are you. It's all in the mind so you can do everything you are skilled/talented at with or without your hair! This does not mean go and do something drastic to your hair like Britney Spears did. ;)


Saturday, December 24, 2011


It is said that Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. I believe it is.
There is an air of excitement around me.... Xmas carols playing around the city, decorations in place, people shopping gifts and all.....
While I was doing my radio show a few weeks ago at Radiocity 97fm, members of Swangz Avenue (one of the best music production houses in Uganda) came to meet with my bosses about something. Later on, my colleague and I in the studio received a mention we had to read out on air and I was touched.
Swangz Avenue artists and friends compiled a special 9-track Christmas album titled Do They Know its Xmas and after I listened to it just today, (yes today, Xmas Eve, because I finally had some "me time") I felt compelled to share this with you.  
The album is being given away free of charge in exchange for a non-monetary donation in the form of clothes, shoes, warm beddings or foods that don't spoil easily.
Swangz Avenue did this as a way of reaching out and blessing the less privileged children in our community and it is an effort of theirs to brighten these children's Xmas through combination of music, clothes and food.
I find this a wonderful way of sharing and giving. My favourite songs on this album are: Joy in the Silent Night (Brian Mugenyi), Mary Did You Know (Pragmo), Oh Holy Night (Michael Ouma), Ho Ho We should all be Singing (Richy) and The King is Born Today (Benon & Vamposs).
Find out which are your favorites. Get your own copy of this Xmas album by simply donating something for the less privileged children now.
You can take your donations to Radiocity 97fm situated in Bugolobi on  Jilak House, Spring Road Tel: +256-312-970000.
OR at Tuskys Kitintale, Tuskys Ntinda, Tuskys Makerere and Uchumi supermarket.