Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UMEME's back at it again!!

The new year 2012 is finally here but it is being made gloomy and boring all too quickly due to UMEME's endless load-shedding/cutting off of power supply. :(
It pains me to say this but Uganda, my country, when will we ever truly develop and be beyond such issues???
It is just the 3rd of January but electricity is going off in almost all places.
I was at work in Bugolobi then power went off, so we had to bare the noise of the generator, finally the day's work ends and am eagerly going back home, looking forward to taking a nice long shower, making myself a nice meal and sitting in my couch to watch a series but just as i turn onto the road to my house, there is total black out!!! AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
We were promised that the Bujagali Dam would be complete by now and that the power cuts would greatly reduce or stop but considering that I have been in darkness for the past four hours in the house except for the light from my lamp and laptop, I worry that this might not be so. Are we being taken for a ride? Are the promises real? Who out there believes we will soon have no more load-shedding? Please share your sentiments and experiences with this load-shedding. I need some hope.
One thing I must commend UMEME for though is the fact that they endeavored not to load-shed during the festive season all the way from 24th DEC 2011 to 1st January 2012.... or am I wrong?? If your home area had no electricity during that time, vent and let it out here, let's share our pain. 
I would go on and on but time check now is 10:11pm and I gotta rest....... Oh and guess what? The power is back. ...... C'est la vie.