Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I feel angry at the way some police officials misuse their guns and abuse their offices. First, well not first, (it could have been the umpteenth time it was happening but the first time it got pointed out by our dear media), about three students in Bugema Adventist Secondary School, (my old school by the way, O-Level) were shot and injured by one of the security guards, just because they were demonstrating. I think one or two of the students died. What was this guard high on? These were unarmed students for Pete's sake--unarmed! Couldn't he just shoot in the air? We don't have to go to shooting school to know that rule. Did he think or fear that they were going to turn into werewolves? This isn't TWILIGHT, it's real life. I love the movie though... but, really, these security people lose it a lot these days. You might even get shot at in the bank just coz you didn't join the queue.

Well, most of you are aware of our musician's condition, Bebecool, yeah, some cop shot at him more than four times injuring both his thighs... Even when Bebe fell down, the cop kept on shooting at him with such venom that even anyone who tried to save the situation got shot at too.NO HEROES! My God! what's this world coming to? If you dono what happened, Bebecool was leaving Effendy's and finds this cop harrassing another new musician, (Bebecool loves to defend his own unless you are a rebel among your own--if you get what I mean), so he asks the cop to leave him be that he too is an artiste and he aint doing nothing but minding his biz in his car.... to cut the story short, cop loses it, feels like Bebecool is trying to steal his thunder and he cocks his gun.... "Woooww don't shoot!" But then, bullets go flying everywhere like it was a scene in a movie, am not good at story telling especially something i didn't see for myself so you can check the web for any information connecting to this and find out more for yourself but dear people, the cop was way out of line here, and this time, there were witnesses. You can tell how serious it was because even Kayihura, the police force leader, apologised to Bebecool and... WAIT FOR IT... our president H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, went to visit Bebecool at the hospital.... Now that's what I call, making amends and trying to right a wrong.... Kudos Mr President. Bebe, wish u a quick recovery...

Security is meant to make us feel safe, Police is meant to protect us but lately, it seems civilians are in a silent war with all these gun powered people.... (sigh) I hope all will be better soon. This is why I do not like poli-trics...i mean, politics, it's a mess.
These are my sentiments, what are yours?

Monday, February 1, 2010


I really do not understand it when someone who knows that they should be passing on a message to the masses, and should be looking for positive ways to enhance his/her life and those of others resorts to violence and chaos!
What is happening to some of our local musicians??!! This is now affecting the industry and people are even getting the guts to put up discussions such as "The ways in which musicians are affecting the youths' aspirations and direction today". What??? Seriously??? I do not believe it. This is ridiculous.
Yes, you might say we are all human but when we choose to do what we do, which puts us in the public eye, we must expect that there are many people who look up to us and we must try and live up to it. We may slip sometimes, but, always repeating the same mistake is sheer stubbornness, hooliganism and lack of self respect and respect for others... The way you treat people around you really tells how you feel about yourself and the sort of person you are... Please, let us be more positive, more inspirational and let us gear the youths to the right direction. We are not perfect but we can only try to do what's right and appropriate. Hatred is a tool of destruction; let's not let it be a part of our hearts. This goes out to all other public figures: politicians, artists, journalists and so on. As long as you know you stand out from the crowd, you have a role to play in this world. I can't say no more.
These are my sentiments, what are yours?