Monday, February 25, 2013


We want things we do not need
We crave for the unnecessary
Ignore what is relevant
Take for granted what’s present
And long for what’s not ours
Making mistakes we can never erase.

We hate ourselves
For not being the best
We think we can be
We sell ourselves short
Not believing in ourselves
Doubting our capabilities
We settle for less.

 I wish we would accept
We can be anything we put our minds to
 I wish I could save the world
Jesus did,
Yet he was not loved by all
So who am I? I ask myself.
But we can make a difference in someone’s life.

I long for a person who will see more in life
Than only the worst
Someone who will see the world’s beauty
And make the best of it
Touching others with inspiration
Everywhere he or she goes.

Like now
I wish the world was a wonderful place for all
But just like “sometimes”, uncertain are times
Only hope will see us through
But I say to you
Believe….  Hope… Pray…
Without these, you will be lost.
By Cleopatra Koheirwe