Monday, April 11, 2011

Wats happening to Uganda?

I am not happy about our situation in Uganda, politically and economically. Well, everyone around the world is going through a financial crisis or has felt its pinch but now, what is happening in Uganda is that we cannot even do a peaceful demonstration to let our voice be heard. If u dare, u will be bombarded with tear gas, police all over the place and their "S.W.A.T." team ready to tackle any one with something to say.
Is this what our country has come to? We can't speak or walk for a cause affecting us all? I thought that they (police) being aware of how far UG has come politically, they would be more careful how they handled issues but no, i think history is about to repeat itself.
Watching the news on TV was really upsetting as I saw unarmed civilians and a few MPs being manhandled or forced to enter the police tracks. Some individuals like Besigye were carried and thrown into the truck then carried out again and dragged into a police station, for what? For walking to work. U might be wondering what I am talking about but to make it clear, MPs and representatives of the opposition decided to do a "WALK TO WORK' peaceful demonstration with the aim of drawing attention to the increase of fuel prices. We believe our government can do anything so we expect them to give heed and help us the civilians. It is not that I support any of the parties that demostrated but this cause is universal and called for. The fuel prices are unbearable.
Such political figures who risk their lives to help put across the issues affecting all of us are the people we need to represent us unlike most of the MPs in government who simply drive posh cars, grow big bellies, sign up to posh clubs and ignore all that is happening around them. Simply selfish!! As long as they are well off, who cares, right? C'mon! Seriously?? We the civilians care! We pay taxes and we need to be protected from all this otherwise a layman will not be able to survive in this country anymore. Fuel is not the only commodity that has gone up, even a simple big loaf of bread is now close to USH 3000, sugar, rice et cetera. Our dear Ugandan government, we need u to hear us out, we need u to show u are on our side not against us otherwise with the news we watch, we might lose faith in u and doubt where your loyalty lies. U seem to be biased and we are starting to see through u.
Go on and make us proud to be Ugandan again! We still have faith in you.
Below are some links but you can google for more news on this Walk to Work demonstration and what happened.