Sunday, June 13, 2010

Am back...

Oh my... it's been a very long while since I last posted something on my blog.... Where do I start?
It has been a busy year, and it still is going on.... I am acting in the second season of CHANGES, an M-Net East African TV series, being filmed in Kenya. All is going on well, but I just hope I will be done in time to go back to Uganda.
A lot to do there too. I miss Ugandan food.... :-(
I miss my munchkin sugarplum... Lol
I miss my family.... well, consolation is that I have my cousins and aunt & uncle who live in Nairobi so it's not that lonely. I also have some cool friends, most of them from the CHANGES set.
I also miss everyone I work with at African Woman magazine.
Anyway, gotta go now, just wanted to say hey and fill u in on what's up.
Meanwhile, I released my first single titled "Ngamba" which means "Tell me", u should listen to it. check out my facebook page.
Nuff love! :-)