Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SERA gone too soon!

It was at 10:30pm Tuesday night that I heard the message tone go off on my phone. I neglected it telling myself I will read the message later once I am home and settled in. When I arrived home, got into the house and set my handbag and laptop bag down, I got my phone and as I read the message, I slowly sat down and said, "Oh no!".
A friend of mine had texted me with bad news. The message read, "Hi. Did you know Sera who sang Contagious has died of ulcers?" Sera's lovely face came to mind. I remembered when she came to Radiocity 97fm (where I work), to do her TOP 10 as the Celebrity of the day, she was an hour early and I told her to feel at home. I and other presenters were having a chat and once in a while we made her talk and laugh. She was full of life... a lot was in stock for her, I thought. It is so sad that she is gone to soon!
After I read the text, I did not want to believe it straight away, so I rung up a friend I knew would know the details considering he works at Swangz Avenue, the label to which Sera was signed. The moment he spoke on the other line, I knew it was true dear Sera was gone. He spoke with heaviness in his voice as if he had been crying and when I asked what was wrong, he told me, "Sera is dead... We were traveling back from a burial in Masaka She had not eaten in a while and she complained saying her ulcers were starting up and causing her pain. We took her to a clinic and she was given some medication but then, on our way, she started puking blood. Blood was coming out of her ears, mouth and nose." It is at this point that I interjected and asked my friend if they were sure it was not Ebola (which is in Kampala as we speak and some other places outside Kampala) but he answered, "No. The symptoms were different. It is as if something in her body burst. My friends and I were trying to help her but we couldn't.... she died right in front of me--I helplessly watched her die." His voice broke ..... I cannot write more of what my friend said but he sounded devastated, who wouldn't be in such a situation? It is heart wrenching.
Sarah Nampijja a.k.a Sera was a 22-year-old budding singer and had hits to her name in just a year, such as: Sunrise, Contagious in which she featured along side Jeff Blaise, Delivered, and her latest song titled Fire. Her music career was on the rise, it is terrible that we have lost such young strong talent. There is a link to one of her music videos below.
My heartfelt condolences go out to her family and friends and everyone at Swangz Avenue in Muyenga. We shall miss you Sera, may your soul rest in eternal peace. The Vigil is going to be at her parents' home in Nansana and the funeral service is on Thursday 2nd August 2012 at Christ The King Church at 9am.
"To comfort others does not necessitate that we remove someone's pain but that we move alongside  the one who is suffering and say: You are not alone. I am with you. Together we can carry this burden."-Henri Nouwen

Friday, July 27, 2012

Africa Magic

Oh by the way,
a week ago, I got a hola from Africa Magic and they did an interview of me. Just felt I should share it with you. Check the link below. Cheers. :)


Gosh, what a week!
Ever felt like the world is on your shoulders?? This is how I have felt all week... actually all month! Can't get into the nitty-gritty... you know the saying, "Not everyone wants to hear your problems"? You haven't? Well, that is because I made it up but I am sure you have heard people say it.
Am hoping August brings me less stress.... (Yes, I hear you say, "You & me both") Lol....
Well, I wish you a lovely stress-free weekend & a wonderful August!
Toast to life!