Sunday, November 4, 2012

East Africa, STAND UP!!! Vote!

We may be in what is referred to as the "dark continent" but I believe we are doing a lot to make a mark in the world or at least leave an imprint. This is most particularly thorough entertainment, this time, musically!!
We are raising our East African flags high in Africa and outside it. Okay, getting to the point, most of you may know about the Channel O Music Video Awards, yes? Good! Well, we have about eight musicians from East Africa who were nominated in these awards and we need to VOTE for them so we bring these accolades home and earn more respect for our talents. I do not know about you but I believe in supporting our own then on to the rest, I hope you are with me on this one. Charity begins at home, right? I am only voting for my fellow East Africans in all these categories. The only tight spot is the two categories I put at the bottom where a few of them appear together; the one you pick to vote for is entirely up to you.
So below are the E.A nominees, their codes and the SMS number +27839208406 to which you send your votes, for a very little charge of about USH220 (KSH 7). You can also vote via the web at ONCE EVERY HOUR. Go to the 2012 MVAs and you will see all the categories. Voting ends soon so vote as many times as you can for your favorite. Share this with friends on Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google+ and so on. LET US VOTE!!

   Artist                           Category                    Song/Video                Code        SMS 
MAURICE KIRYA  Most Gifted Afro Pop      Don't Wannna Fight      7E         +27839208406

CAMP MULLA       Most Gifted Newcomer   Party Don't Stop            3D                    "
                                                                             ft. Collo
       "                         Most Gifted Duo/Group   Fresh All Day               4E                    "

WYRE                     Most Gifted Ragga           Dancehall Party             6E                    "

KEKO                     Most Gifted Female         Make You Dance            2E                     "
                                        Video                          ft. Madtraxx

HABIDA                Most Gifted RnB              My Reason                     9E                     "
                                       Video                           ft. Cannibal

K'NAAN                Most Gifted HipHop         Nothing To Lose            10E                   "
                                      Video                            ft. Nas

AY                         Most Gifted Male Video   Speak With Your Body   1E            +27839208406
                                                                          ft. Romeo & Lamyia

Artist                        Song                       Code           Send SMS to
NAVIO                  One & Only                13E            +27839208406

KEKO                   Make you Dance         13A                     "
 ft. Madtraxx

AY ft. Sauti Sol     I Don't Want               13C                     "
                              To Be Alone

K'NAAN ft Nas    Nothing To Lose        13D                      "
CAMP MULLA   Party Don't Stop          13B             +27839208406
   ft. Collo

Artist                            Song                  Code               Send SMS to
CAMP MULLA     Fresh All Day            14I                +27839208406
AY ft.                  Speak with Yo Body     14J                +27839208406                   
Romeo & Lamyia 

I really hope you VOTE! It counts! Let's keep East Africa up in a positive light!! If not politically, at least musically. Cheers!