Friday, October 4, 2013


Radiocity banner at Club Venom
Competition—defined to mean, “A contest of skill or knowledge” in the Webster English dictionary but it beats my comprehension when competitors take it a notch further by stooping to a new low!

What am I talking about?  Look at the picture on the right here and tell me what you are thinking. Me too, I was like: “what the hell??” “Is this supposed to be a joke??” “Sanyu FM actually did this??” I was as speechless as you are right now. The hash tag #ThingsSanyuFMCanCopyFromRadiocity went viral on Twitter this Friday morning that I started reading every tweet and the responses were not kind to our fellow radio station but whose fault is it? Why do this and go ahead to upload it to your official Facebook page??

Sanyu FM uploaded the pic on its Facebook page
You may look at the photo and say someone from the Sanyu FM camp did it but it does not mean it is Sanyu FM to blame… but my dear, it is to blame. Its brand was used to try and make fun of another brand. No one should be this na├»ve and unprofessional to pull such a move no matter the competition. What some people do not understand is that when you are a part of a company or brand, you are no longer seen as just an individual. Whatever you do or say reflects on the company//brand you work for. I have friends at Sanyu FM such as Seanice, Crystal, Fat Boy, DJ Pita, Timothy to mention but a few and this is what makes it so damn disappointing and surprising. I doubt they had a hand in it because to me it is ridiculous. So I ask myself, “Who would do this to Radiocity? Is the competition really that strong that someone has to deface the Radiocity brand?” Not funny and not cool at all. 

One thing I have observed with our Ugandan market is that people do not know how to compete and still be friends or get along. Somehow things become personal. We have a problem and difficulty of failing to separate business from pleasure. In Uganda, it is as if a competitor is an enemy. So many now spend a lot of time planning how to bring others down or shame them in order to devalue them and then get more customers/clients… in this case, listeners. From the tabloids to the newspapers, TV & Radio stations to musicians, business people, politicians and so on, there is a hostility brewing and I do not understand where it is coming from or why it is necessary. The Baganda say, “Butayagaliza bano kibi” (hope the spelling is right)… meaning “not wishing the best for others is bad” and this is a vice that is going to kill our industry that has so far been growing and progressing well. Why can’t we all just get along??! 

Back to Basics by Mister Deejay & Val
At Radiocity, we are a team and we like working with others or giving credit where it’s due whether you are a competitor or not. For example; Mister Deejay likes to incorporate other deejays and presenters from other radio stations in his “Back to Basics” event such as Alex Ndawula & Val Oketcho (Capital FM), DJ Pita (Sanyu FM) and others. This is just one of the few examples. If it was about him thinking “I am Radiocity and they are not so I cannot work with them”, that would be stupid. Let’s get work done and let us be there to push the entertainment industry higher with all our various ideas and brands without killing each other—in whichever way.

Let us all be wise and compete in a mature way. We all work for different brands/companies but let us not make it a reason to breed hate and stab others in the back, or be malicious in order to get ahead. Karma does catch up with you one way or the other—you can never fully escape it. It is like death! So watch how you treat others for soon you might have to reap what you sowed—good or bad—it is up to you. I wouldn’t want to be the one to say, “You got served!”

Seriously though, Sanyu FM, I think someone owes Radiocity 97fm an apology. 

Anyway, moving on swiftly, check out the Radiocity website to get to know who Mister Deejay is and the whole Radiocity team.  LOVE LIFE, LOVE MUSIC!! :)