Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I do not know how 2015 was for you but for me, it was a year where I did a lot of LESS, if you know what I mean. With all the talents and skills I am blessed with, I did not do much in 2015. I acted less, wrote less, sung less, danced less, presented less, blogged less and hosted less. In fact, I did not do any of these AT ALL.  Imagine!
Was it my choice, you ask? No. It was just not my year. Things did not go as planned and nothing I tried seemed to work or grow into fruition. Contacts I had did not come through and all the way from January to December, it was a hustle.
Life sucks, you say, but no, I say, sometimes in life we need a TIME OUT. Every sport has it so why not life. I had worked a lot and so hard since I was 16 that in 2014 when I had my first baby, Aviana… she is so adorable, the joy of my life…. Okay, back to my point… it was the first time in years that I took a break from work. I actually happily took a break from work and Motherhood took over. Every day was a new experience with baby Aviana. My dear fiancé Lwanda Jawar and I were too excited we would watch her like she was our favorite TV show. New parents we were and just like everything else, it had its perks too but the majority is good stuff so I will dwell on that. I do not want to scare parents-to-be and new parents out there. Trust me, the challenges are nothing you will not handle and pull through. Sleepless nights, painful breasts, do not get me started. I appreciate my mother and guardians much more now. What patience they had! Hahaha.
So 2014 was maternity year for me, but I still got to do a few shows, E.g. I was a guest DJ/presenter on the Sakata Mashariki dance show on Citizen TV alongside my Kenyan friends DNG, Crème de la Crème, Wyre and songstress Shaa from Tanzania among others. I was also a guest judge on Maisha Superstar, a DSTV talent show alongside talents such as Maurice Kirya (a good friend of mine), Jose Chameleone, AY, Nameless, Ian Mbugua among other greats. So even though I had had a baby like four to six months ago by the time I was featuring in these shows, I did some work. I got some gigs which is something I cannot say for 2015.
I do not consider myself a superstitious person but I have never liked odd numbers. I have always preferred even numbers because I believe they are balanced compared to Odd ones which leave one digit hanging. Weird, huh? It is a real theory for me now. 2015 proved it.
The good side of 2015 though is I got to bond more with my daughter. She will be making two years on 22nd January, which is a week after my own birthday. Awesome, right? Yeah. I think it is great too!
Other good thing is I got to spend a lot more time with family, something I had missed doing for many years. I also grew to know more about myself: how resilient, strong, patient, impatient, stubborn, etc.  I could be. There is a lot to be thankful for in 2015 in other avenues besides my career.
Let us say, 2015 was my year to really reflect on my life.
I did start working again in August though, yes. I got a job. Did I mention that all this while I was in Kenya and not in my home country Uganda? Well, I am in a foreign land but I call it my second home because my fiancé is Kenyan and I have my own relatives who have lived and grown up here. Kenya is a tough market to break into. You would think it would be a piece of cake for me because I have done film projects here over the years and I am signed to a Kenyan music label, Cypher Studios, but my, oh my, what a lesson I have learned. East or West, home is always best. Kenyans are lovely people though, they may not like foreigners much but once they accept you, you are family for life! I love Kenya. It is my home now. Uganda, I love you too and I will visit again soon. 
Now that 2016 is here and it is an “even” year, I already feel God’s favor upon me and my luck beginning to change to what it used to be, though this time, things will be much greater. Blessings will unfold in triples. I have the faith. 2016 is going to be a beautiful year for me and my family, God speed. I plan to do all I am good at MUCH MORE this year, nothing less.
HAPPY NEW YEAR darlings!!!


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