Friday, September 27, 2013


Hello my blog darlings,
Been away a while but been busy. My oh my, have I got lots to tell you!! :)
Where do I start?...
Okay, I will begin with my role in an awesome new DSTV series, the first East African Telenovela titled "KONA". It premiered towards the end of last month (August) at Serena Hotel in Uganda, as well as in Nairobi,Kenya and in Tanzania. All premieres were successful with an interesting and excited number of guests. There was a mini boxing match to complement the events.
In my role as JAKKI
I play the character of a young girl named Jakki. She is a wannabe boxer who is trying to reconnect with her father since her mother took her away to Uganda when she was a little girl. Jakki is her father's daughter; strong-headed and stubborn like him and wants to be a boxer, just like him! This is one thing her father cannot hear of though. Catch the drama that ensues when Jakki shows up unexpectedly at her aunt's doorstep. You will enjoy every moment! :) I had to train every day while on set from January til the time I finished shooting my scenes. I must say I enjoyed every bit; got more fit, learned boxing and worked with a great bunch of talented people; both cast and crew! The directors and producers were amazing, so was the whole production team. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful I made it through the auditions for this role. :) KONA!!

Cast: Janet Sision, Brenda Wairimu & Nini Wacera
A fan, Dale, Brenda, Frankie & Lwanda

KONA premiere in Uganda
KONA airs on DSTV's Africa Magic Entertainment (AME) 151, Africa Magic (AM) 154 as well as on GOTV Plus Ch 1 at 7.30pm, East African Time (EAT) every Monday to Friday. Repeats are aired daily at 2pm on AME Ch 151 & at 4pm on AM Ch 154. If you prefer to watch the omnibus,  and enjoy the week's episodes at ago, catch it every Saturday from 3.30pm-5pm on AM Ch 154 & GOTV Plus Ch 1, OR every Sunday from 2.30pm-4.30pm on AME Ch 151. DON'T MISS THIS KNOCK OUT SERIES! :)


  1. is that the true definition of 'so much to tell', seems like you only started...